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You can edit all products again before the request is submitted

strawa data at a high level

The new DQR 9.0 adopted by the associations ARGE Neue Medien, BVBS, DG Haustechnik and ZVSHK has been valid since 01.04.2023.

strawa Wärmetechnik GmbH is now supplying article master data in version 9.0 via the Open Datacheck SHK platform.

With a score of 96 out of a possible 100 points, we set high standards for our data quality and show that strawa Wärmetechnik GmbH meets all mandatory information as well as additional content and market requirements.

strawa Wärmetechnik will also forward the current data to the Oxomi, IG neue Medien (for the Austrian market) and ausschreiben.de portals. You will also find the data in the strawa product portal on our website.

We have also converted our classified data from ETIM 8 to ETIM 9 and completed it further.

What is the ETIM classification? ETIM classification enables you to find products perfectly in catalogs and online stores. The structuring of the product data enables you to carry out efficient filtering, from which our customers in particular benefit. Classification also applies across all manufacturers and provides a framework for product features.

What does ETIM offer you?

  • Active sales promotion through the use of the ETIM format
  • Always up-to-date data and no duplicates
  • Uniform and clear description of item properties
  • Reduction of the communication effort
  • universally usable standard
  • used internationally, multilingual
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